How to Stop your Customer from Becoming your Competitor

There are three types of competitors. The first is competing products, the second is inaction, and the third is your potential customer. When selling software solutions to the global corporate and investment banking community, I can't count how often my customers’ IT department pitched to build my product “in house”. Similarly, I faced this problem when taking my first tech startup to market

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3 Problems with a Predictable, Scalable Sales Model

The key to scaling a sales team is having a defined sales process with clear guidelines that dictate behaviour. This way, adding to the head count yields a predictable ROI, and the only barrier to expansion is finding great talent capable of executing the plan. However, this "predictability" is one of the key traits that top salespeople look for in a competitor, because it is easily overcome.

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Are Your Customers a Pain in the Arse?

A salesperson recently told me that customers are a "pain in the arse" because they never respond, battle against the sales process, and want to pay as little as possible.

Salespeople, this isn't personal (unless you make it personal with an unprofessional approach). It's just business, and the following examples of nonconformist buying behaviour are opportunities to differentiate yourself.

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