The Only Sales Guide You'll Ever Need

The Only Sales Guide You'll Ever Need is a holistic guide to the elements of sales success.

Written by one of my favourite sales leaders, Anthony Iannarino, it shares a granular insight into the sales methodology of top performers. This is more than just another sales book; it is a valuable resource that addresses the elements of selling in a way that helps internalise the message, by introducing the concept, demonstrating the practical application, and then setting challenges to internalise.

Some of the finer aspects I appreciated were:

Making comments and intentions public to ensure commitment. I have done this my whole life.

Dispelling the beliefs and excuses of failing to act. Anthony does this by balancing perspective, a key attribute of top sales professionals.

Caring as a competitive advantage. Salespeople are told to care, but the book describes how to use this as a differentiator.

Being "professionally" persistent. There is a big difference between this and being a pain in the arse.

Great storytelling. Anthony breaks down the elements of storytelling in a professional context.

Understanding when to negotiate. You can't negotiate, unless you have established value and have leverage, neither of which come until the end of the process.

Above all else, I credit this book with the funniest phrase I have heard in 20 years of selling, "Commission Breath", and won't ruin the symptoms of this terminal disorder.

The Only Sales Guide is a distillation of years of selling at the highest level and should be kept close as a reference when hitting a professional road block. I have a great respect for the insight it shares.