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Social Selling Mastery

This book gives practical insight into the world of social selling, demonstrating how to make the mental shift and utilise digital networks to supplement your sales pipeline.

It is beautifully constructed and builds upon the various stages of social consciousness to give a global view of the elements that support or hinder social selling success. The book begins by grading companies at their current state of social awareness and continues to build quantifiable steps to gauge growth and success. Strong takeaways were:

Addressing the challenge of integrating sales and marketing to curate and scale content.

Techniques to surround buying committees socially.

Identifying trigger events to make customer contact and how to keep yourself in close proximity to the buyer.

Insight Selling with content and the tech to support this activity. Specifically, the difference between "acquiring" and "delivering" insights.

Touchpoint cadence and the importance of adding value at each point of the social selling process. This is supported by recording activity and pre-determined KPIs.

Social Selling Mastery dispels the myth that social selling is a bolt-on random act that should be performed by any one department. Rather, it should be a company wide strategy performed at all levels. It reminds me of The Sales Acceleration Formula, only for social selling, in that it's a repeatable, quantifiable application of digitally mapping the sales process to the modern buyer journey. Highly recommended.