Think Big Act Bigger

One of my favourite books, this is a masterclass in having a winning attitude. Sharing his experiences as CMO of Kodak, and CEO of The C-Suite Network,

Jeffrey Hayzlett discusses the rewards of being relentless and shares stand-out moments from his career to support this message.

There are a ton of personal and business lessons, none more so than "owning" who you are. It is easy to spout motivational ideas, but Jeff drinks his own Kool-Aid, demonstrating who he is and not apologising for it. Within the lesson, he contextualises the consequences of failure and how his business career has taught him to keep a sound perspective. Above all, 99.99% of us aren't "thinking big enough" and aren't taking advantage of the new, tech-driven economy that has removed the barriers to innovation. It's time to step-up.

I listened to the audiobook and had some laugh-out-loud-moments at the honest style. Hearing Jeff narrate the stories shows his personality, and despite the serious message, he doesn't take himself that seriously at all. Knowing Jeff, personally, I can confirm he is a relentless machine, a formidable businessman, a generous person, and a man of integrity. This leaps out from the content and is a lesson to us all. As he says, the most dangerous move in business is a failure to act. I credit this website and my move into business to this book and Jeff. Read and learn from someone who has done it.