The Maverick Method

The Maverick Method breaks down the components of a complex sale, shows how to create a process map, and explores the mechanisms to maintain control.

The process map doesn't suggest a rigid, one size fits all approach. It is based on the customer buying process that, as we know, changes every time. There are 3 things I liked:

First, you can't write a book like this without years of Maverick level field experience. Let me give an example. To discuss "neutralising" rogue decision makers and not "winning them over" goes against the grain. Only when you have been in a complex sale and lived through the dynamic of managing multiple decision makers, do you understand the limitation of your control over negative decision making parties. This is just one lesson (you learn the hard way) and Brian nails this and many more of them in this book.

Second, being an experienced sales professional, the material is well-presented, yet has depth to it. This means less experienced executives will read this and easily follow it, but more experienced sales professionals will pick up on the finer points of what is written and appreciate the mastery. Things such as setting traps and lockouts for the competition. These techniques are used by only the best salespeople.

Third, the author is the host of The Brutal Truth about Sales and Selling. I listened to this for some time before being aware of this book. Having read this after listening to the podcast, it demonstrates how Brian can conduct such incredible interviews with many sales experts. If you haven't heard it, then get involved on iTunes.

In the author’s words, if you want to break from the B-player trap, read this book!