Crush It!

Social media guru and ambassador for all things entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk, inspires readers to embrace the digital economy and build a personal brand.

The message is clear:

Embrace the new rules of business or become obsolete. He demonstrates how to turn your passion, whatever it may be, into a profitable business and shares his personal story and methodology for doing so.

The most powerful message is the importance of speed. The world is changing rapidly, and business professionals must adapt accordingly. This involves creating content to share with your audience that supports your personal brand and message. This is a faster process if you approach it with genuine intent, not agonising over every decision. If your content comes from the heart, then it can't be wrong, and if you slip up, apologise and move on; nobody is perfect.

The second half of the book addresses the practical application of brand building, with tangible technologies and processes to do so. For the socially connected laggards, the closing chapters contextualise the overwhelming list of tools and present them in a manageable format.

All in, I consider Crush It! an inspiring "must read" and recommend everybody follows Gary's content. He's not hard to find! Get the audio; it's great.