The Sales Acceleration Formula

How does somebody with no prior sales experience become CRO of a tech start-up and build a sales system that generates $100m in three years?

If you needed evidence the sales landscape has changed from 10 years ago, here it is.

The Sales Acceleration a Formula, demonstrates, at a leadership level, what great outbound sales professionals do on an individual level. It describes how a scientific, quantifiable approach was used to overcome sales obstacles and build a sustainable, repeatable sales machine perfectly tuned for success.

The stand-out moments for me were how Roberge incentivised his team, based on the most effective quantified best practices, and streamlined the sales and marketing processes by monitoring client responses to understand the most effective method of communication. I also liked how he identified the most potent point at which to pass inbound leads to the outbound teams. Roberge understood technology was not just a tool to help the buyer process, but questioned why it wasn't better utilised to support the sales team, and this led to developing "SideKick", a proprietary technology that equipped his sale teams to understand and close their prospects.

I thought it was a brilliant, forward thinking description from someone who sought to tackle the challenges faced by both buyers and sellers, to empower both. I have read it multiple times and can't recommend it highly enough.