Nice Guys Finish First

Sales professionals are incentivised to focus solely on ROI, quantifiable results, and achieving goals. It's easy to become caught up in this labyrinth of overachievement and

lose track of who we are. Doug Sandler, host of acclimated business podcast The Nice Guys Podcast on iTunes, shares his professional experiences, questioning whether we could still achieve all we set out to do and remain a nice guy/gal. It is thought provoking and forces you to focus on the value of 'being nice' - an intangible attribute that some businesses have forgotten. This leads beautifully into a discussion of customer experience and the reality that your competitors are just a click away. It is not just a philosophy lesson, but a system (The Sandler System) of practical application to leadership, technology, consistency, trust, empowerment, and developing a positive culture. There is a great mix of inspirational messages, thought-provoking anecdotes, and honesty, with the dash of comedic value.

One reason I liked this book is because I know Doug Sandler, personally, and can vouch that he practices what he preaches. I listened to the audiobook, which came as part of his online training course. Great weekend read/listen to keep you inspired and motivated.