High-Profit Prospecting

Anybody can Google "prospecting techniques" and get an overwhelming list, but if you want context, methodology, and

insight of how and when to use, High-Profit Prospecting is the resource. It offers a granular approach to modern day prospecting, distilled from 30 years of sales and sales consultancy experience. Presented in bite sized chunks, Mark cuts to the chase and shares tangible examples to demonstrate the efficacy of each element.

Three aspects of High-Profit Prospecting stand out:

1. The prospecting techniques are benchmarked with the probability of success. Knowing which technique to utilise and when best to apply it is a decision that dictates a salesperson’s success.

2. Tailoring a holistic prospecting plan to your market. This is invaluable to new salespeople and a sage reminder to more experienced reps of prospecting techniques employed by course of habit.

3. The book constantly reinforces leveraging your network for warm referrals at every opportunity.

4. The perils of conducting a "scatter-bomb" prospecting strategy that wastes time on prospects with zero potential of becoming customers.

High-Profit Prospecting focuses on tangible results, not hope. It builds from basic tools to complex B2B prospecting stacks and correlates this to time input vs result. It provides a comprehensive insight into one of the key aspects of professional selling, and I happily recommend it.