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Zero-Time Selling

I like books with a strong, consistent message. Zero Time Selling focuses on one of the pillars of professional selling and a personal bug bear of mine- responsiveness.

Andy breaks down ten stages of the sales process, explaining the psychology of the customer and importance of adding value at every point of contact. This is important to the modern, digitally empowered buyer, as they are better informed before initial contact and have a short attention span. When contacting a salesperson, Andy explains they have an established need and want an answer.

Some stand out moments for me:

1. It's not what you sell, but how you sell it: there are several examples to support this concept.
2. Disqualify prospects early: this is a natural consequence of Andy's methodology that leads to a more productive pipeline based on facts, not hope.
3. Your fast is my slow: treat customers as they want to be treated, not how you want to treat them.
4. View the sales process from the customer’s perspective: by detaching from your ego and responding with a timely, valuable message, you instil trust.
5. View prospects as an investment of your time: this perspective ensures every interaction is viewed as a touch point to a positive result.

Customers will differentiate you by the peaks and troughs of their experiences and Zero Time Selling is a practical, no nonsense roadmap to ensure salespeople are positioned advantageously.