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The Art of Commercial Conversations

The Art of Commercial Conversations provides a framework of commercial conversations that takes the reader on a time journey, from

the transactional and instructional discussions of old, to the transformational and insightful message demanded by the modern buyer. In a world of information overload, customers want us to give a damn about them, their business and its growth.
This book doesn’t just focus on selling skills, but addresses the overarching skill that all exceptional sellers have – leadership. And not just your vanilla leadership which is a given, but pulling together personal, thought and selling leadership approaches, creating a real consciousness around a go to market strategy.
Whether you’re trying to nail an appointment on the phone, build some kind of rapport to open a meeting, or even engage with a potential prospect on social, the art of a conversation is your best friend – so long as you have the levels of conviction to break your own rules from time to time – those rules that surround your BS stories.
If what you are doing now isn’t working as well as you’d like, you are walking out of calls thinking ‘Why didn’t I think of asking that?’,or, if you’re not even sure of the value proposition you have for your product or yourself, then rethinking your conversations and your sales process are likely in order.
This book is not technical in nature. It hits a home run with its authentic and human approach to selling, and nails it by addressing nine key challenges sales people have around their ongoing commercial conversations with prospects and with themselves.