Not Taught

The Information Age is upon us, and the rules and methods of sales leading to this point are rapidly becoming obsolete.

No longer can a salesperson or entrepreneur progress in the business world, while being anonymous from social networking platforms. Digital intervention has brought a new way of thinking, and Keenan does a great job reflecting on the past and describing what is necessary to succeed in 2016 and beyond.

This book is a mixture of motivational insight, terrifying news for those behind the curve, and a path to getting back in the game. It discusses the importance of building a personal brand, creating content, and sharing this with the world, so people can see exactly who you are. What matters in the Information Age isn't just hard work or prior experience, but high-intensity learning and the business acumen to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape.

I particularly liked that Keenan challenges our historical perspective of professional experience, time, higher education, and being down-right boring, offering real examples to back-it up. Also, he makes a compelling argument for the extinction of tasselled shoes - something I have been vocal about for the past 20 years!

The modern salesperson must become a brand, an expert in their field, and continuously learn at a pace that outthinks everyone else. Keenan provides an insight and framework into how to do this. Great book that sits between motivational, sales skills, and personal branding.