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The Perfect Close

The book opens by inviting you to jump to the punch line. Much like presents under the christmas tree, I have never been able to resist the temptation to take a peak.

But, despite reading the closing comments in the beginning, it didn't spoil my enjoyment or the value contained within the body of the book.

The Perfect Close lays a strong foundation before tackling the art of closing deals. James demonstrates that closing isn't a contrived technique to manipulate commitment, but as all great salespeople know, it is a natural consequence of a well execute sales process. What I really like is how the steps of the sales cycle are broken down and shown to support a positive conclusion. This is all done in a non-confrontational way and the gentle narrative supports the message within.

It could almost be called "The Perfect Position to Close", and its far more powerful to follow the entire process than read yet another benign list of closing techniques. Very nice, recommended.