The Joshua Principle

The Joshua Principle is a masterclass in professional selling, a beautifully constructed story of personal and professional development and a manual of the highest principles to aspire to in the sales industry.

Much of the book is written in third person, detailing the journey from rookie salesperson to a top performer, under the guidance of a mentor. It covers every conceivable type of sales scenario and explains how the best differentiate themselves. The level of experience and knowledge it takes to write a book of this calibre is special, and the content has a great depth to it. Not until the end do you realise how much has been covered, from corporate politics and the internal struggles of being a salesperson, to the psychology behind navigating the industry. Having had a long and successful sales career, I identified with everything written.

It is hard to choose stand-out moments, because the book should be judged in its entirety. The Appendix is a manual for sales success, extracting the principles within the story and their practical application.

The Joshua Principle is written by one of the sales industry's most respected experts, and I highly recommend to all sales professionals. It is a dynamite lesson in B2B selling, combined with the mindset, strategy, and emotional challenges of building self-esteem and overcoming the many challenges salespeople face. It is my book of the month and one of the best sales books ever written.