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DISCOVER Questions® Get You Connected

Throughout my early sales training, one of the most commonly discussed topics was “asking open questions.” It was tediously repackaged, and I could never

understand why it was such a revelation because, if you are interested in something, then you naturally ask relevant questions to try to understand it. I call this “conversation,” so the key for me wasn’t to contrive a package of open questions, it was just to have an interest in my prospect in order to understand their requirements and win the business.
Here’s the book that makes the case for interest, helps sellers with intent, and provides all the tools for asking purposeful questions that advance the sale. Deb Calvert spent 20 years researching buyer reactions to questions and did before/after field coaching with sellers on over 10,000 sales calls.
As a devout advocate of just getting the point, I like that it helps gifted conversationalists to become more focused with their questions, and is relevant to all all levels of sales competence. The methodology is supported by data from the salespeople buyers trust, prefer to meet with, and will buy from.

DISCOVER Questions® Get You Connected shares a depth of experience, accelerates the sales leaning curve and is well worth the read.