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Perpetual Hunger

Technological innovation and low barriers to entry have made selling harder than ever before. The reason is simple; there are now too many sellers

and not enough buyers. It's not enough to be good at selling, as salespeople must chase what Patrick calls “smart money”, and ensure they identify the opportunity and close the deal before anyone else.

Perpetual Hunger is a great book written as a series of short, actionable lessons. It empowers sales professionals to tackle the increasingly complex and systematic procurement processes designed to circumvent value and unbundle seller costs.

The devil is in the detail, and the message is two-fold: find great customers and match them up with unique solutions, while selling long-term value and a positive ROI.

I liked that the chapters were supported by a series of 12 exercises that help the reader practice and internalise the techniques. In this regard, it is a valuable workbook and reference book to keep close at all times.

Perpetual Hunger teaches you to intelligently engage with, and manage, the modern-day buyer. It describes how the emotional state of superior sales prospectors is one where focus and persistence, backed by a high value and a unique offering, will win the day. I thought this book was an excellent example of how to address the prospecting and account churn needs of sales professionals, entrepreneurs and those in start-ups.