Key Person of Influence

Daniel Priestly shows how to go from an unknown entity to a Key Person of Influence within 12 months. His methodology follows a 5-step process that is easy to follow and implement:

1. Constructing the Perfect Pitch. Be crystal clear about the value you offer and have the ability to articulate it in any circumstance.

2. Curate content. It's not enough to have ideas in your head. To establish credibility with an audience, you must share your knowledge and experience. Creating content is the first step. The second step is to target your content to those who can give you business.

3. Build scalable Products. Turn your value proposition into products your audience wants to buy. The product must be linked to your passion and communicated to your audience at every opportunity. Content, audience, product, and influence grow simultaneously.

4. Build your Profile. Demonstrate your unique attributes online and become known, liked, and trusted in your niche and industry. You are who Google says you are.

5. Partnerships. You are just one person and can't do it alone. Build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with as many people as possible, with a focus on adding value to others.

I like this book. It reminds me of my journey building a brand since publishing my book, consistently curating content on multiple platforms, and engaging with my audience every day. It's quite addictive and takes discipline to manage, but as a salesperson, being a Key Person of Influence is an important differentiator. Great read.