The Sale’s Manager’s Guide to Greatness

“Learning how to sell is easy,” a sales manager once told Kevin F. Davis. The much harder challenge, he continued, is “learning how to hire and develop a sales team that can sell as good or even better than you.” That’s the challenge Davis undertakes in The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness. The book is broken into four parts:

Part 1 describes how the skills that made sales managers great at selling are often the opposite of what they need to be more effective managers.

Part 2 tackles three fundamental skills required to create great sales teams: 

(i) The ability to define excellence and hold sales reps more accountable for their performance.

(ii) How to get better at hiring great candidates, including the importance of looking at wills and coachability.

(iii) Developing an unrelenting focus on customer buying behaviour. 

Part 3 focuses on the single-most important skill for any sales manager: coaching. Davis describes a simple coaching model that helps managers be more consistent and effective. 

Part 4 makes the point that sales managers will fail if they try to do too much at once. They must determine the priorities for themselves and their teams then turn high aspirations into practical goals and daily priorities.

I like books that are well-structured and deliver a concise message. The Sales Managers Guide to Greatness achieves this and plays an important part in helping sales managers be more effective.