The Naughty Little Secrets Sales & Marketing Keep from Each Other

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The separation between Sales and Marketing departments stems from years of operating autonomously. The divide can be deeply ingrained in businesses processes and culture, and the problem isn’t solved by a loose agreement between department heads to work more closely together.

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The Secret Networks of World-Class Salespeople

What does it mean when a salesperson “sells on a different level”? Take sales skills out of the equation, along with a winning mindset, because these are a given to succeed. What mechanisms enable someone to do more deals, more quickly? The answer lies in who you know and the ability to find and target the right people to get stuff done.

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How to Stop your Customer from Becoming your Competitor

There are three types of competitors. The first is competing products, the second is inaction, and the third is your potential customer. When selling software solutions to the global corporate and investment banking community, I can't count how often my customers’ IT department pitched to build my product “in house”. Similarly, I faced this problem when taking my first tech startup to market

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