Disrupting The Market: Two opposing sales strategies. Who wins?

The benefits and shortfalls of two strategic approaches to entering an immature market.

Strategic Approach 1:

Company A identifies the opportunity, has an existing product suite and successful track record of releasing similar products. They assemble their best team and build a competing product. The support of potential customers has been gained, the price point has been set, and pre-orders have been booked.

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You don't need an elevator pitch...you need lots of them!

My understanding of an elevator pitch is a sub 10 second, 1-2 sentence description of your business and the value you offer. Conceptually, it is nothing more than this:

I work for X, and we provide Y, and the value of this to you is Z.

Let's take this one step further. When pitching to board level prospects, it is equally important to concisely articulate all of your points. Senior executives spend their days looking for facts and answers to their questions. Their time is precious and sought after by all, so the last person they will buy from is someone with whom they can't communicate.

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The Most Feared Sales Objection... Really?

Why is the Price Objection so feared? When presenting a product or service to a prospect, great emphasis should be placed on demonstrating and agreeing the value of working together. With supporting evidence and case studies, this is constantly reaffirmed throughout the entire discussion and sales cycle, so should price not have been discussed until the end, then there is a wealth of evidence to support a positive outcome.

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Welcome To My First Top Salesman Blog

I had spent the whole day preparing for a heavily contested product presentation in our largest account, practicing my pitch and honing my messaging. As I walked through the office my teammates told me to "lighten up" believing it was a foregone conclusion that I would secure the mandate. Their assumption that this was already a "done deal" frustrated the hell out of me because it showed how little they understood my mindset or methodology. I never took any pitch for granted and always over-prepared for every eventuality.

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