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The No.1 Best Seller

I can't review my own book, so leave it to James Muir, author of The Perfect Close...

"Imagine having dinner with a few sales pros that are absolutely the best in their given industry. Each one shares a little about how they got where they were, and then offer up the actual tips and tricks that made them great. That's what this book is. Bryan Berkly delivers both the context and methods to what made him so successful.

Experienced top sellers will recognize many of these dynamics as the pitfalls you would never have dreamed you would need to look out for in a selling career. And I'll bet new sales professionals will be surprised at what top sales pro's focus on to be successful.

This book is aimed at sales professionals that want to be #1 - period. I applaud that. As a seasoned top-performing professional, I found this read to be a hard-hitting refresher of what really matters to be the best, along with new advice I have seen nowhere else. Both new and experienced sales professionals that want to be the best will thoroughly enjoy this book and I highly recommend it. 5 stars."