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Fiercely Loyal

The average company spends 1.5 to 2 times the average salary of an employee training and developing them, yet the average millennial employee is only looking at a tenure of 1.2 to 2.4 years. The maths don't add-up, and it's an unsustainable business model unless companies are inspiring loyalty.

Fiercely Loyal is a masterclass in leadership and the psychology behind inspiring loyal behaviour. It discusses the drivers of a loyal culture and addresses many crucial issues facing leaders today. What I loved about it, was that Dov holds up a mirror to the reader, clearly demonstrating that the buck starts and stops with you.

There are three topics that made me re-evaluate my own beliefs and perspectives:

1. The power and importance of vulnerability. Dov calls bullshit on the excuses we make to guard ourselves, and shows how employee loyalty is inspired by leaders courageous enough to take ownership of themselves.

2. The phases of building relationships. I had never considered the psychology of forming relationships with people and, on reflection, I was able to understand my past failings and how to become a more effective leader. A real gift.

3. The incredible depth of insight into telling stories that connect with people. Dov explains how to craft a story to make the listener the hero, by sharing your vulnerability and allowing the audience to connect with you. It is a brilliant example of how to keep an audience engaged.

There isn't a single person in a sales or leadership role that wouldn't benefit from reading this book. If you don't know Dov Baron and his story, then I suggest following his content and work. He is a world renowned speaker, advisor to the most senior corporate leaders globally, and a man of great knowledge and experience. This book is the tip of the iceberg. Highly recommended.