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The 10x Rule

Cardone gets some stick for being an aggressive salesman, but I don't understand why. The man is brilliant, constantly working, sharing his mindset and methodology, interviewing others, and sharing how they achieve success, and he is the most renowned figure in the sales industry. 10x is a distillation of all these attributes and explains how he outworks others and achieves the success he aspires to. See past the bravado (which I find funny) and you are left with a professional gift. Cardone just cuts through the whiney, self-pitying excuses most people make for not executing and lays its out on a plate, not by doubling efforts, but by 10x-ing them (clearly in the hope efforts will double, at worse).

10x is a lesson in ownership, accountability, and achievement. At the end of each section, there are questions to ensure the message is clear.

Watch his stuff on Facebook. Yes, it's a relentless flow content, and yes, it's in your face, but it's valuable, insightful, focused on boosting your confidence and knowledge base, and told by someone who has built an enviable empire. Mr. Cardone, I salute and appreciate you.