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6 months to 6 figures

6 months to 6 figures challenges our values and beliefs as engrained from a young age. Voogd argues that a childhood lacking in financial understanding leads to a poor belief system about how to make and retain wealth. People must take ownership of this shortcoming and strive to self-improve and sharpen their financial skills. He also challenges the status quo in several areas:

-People say they have 20 years of experience, but really, they have 1 year of experience repeated 20 times.
-You are not paid a salary, but your pay is directly proportional to the value you bring.
-There are plenty of struggling business mentors.
-“I never met a rich man who didn't value their time, and I have never met a poor man who did.”
-Success is a commit to mastery and execution, not over analysis and information overload.

Within the message are his 6 steps to achieving 6 figure income, and the part I liked was the practical application of his top 10 personal strategies for maintaining focus, a few of which are:

Don't be over generous with your time. Distraction is the Greatest thief of time, Quit multitasking, Kill procrastination, and write a stop doing list - Steve Jobs said what made Apple successful was not what they chose to build, but what they chose to ignore.

I won't ruin the rest, but it's a short, to the point book packed with value and inspiration. I enjoyed it and happily recommend.