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Life in Half a Second

Every so often, a book comes along that challenges your perspective - a blend of business, philosophy, art, and science. Life in Half a Second caught me off-guard, forcing me to reflect and question my motivations to achieve. 

Matt Michalewicz, a highly credible serial entrepreneur, reflects on his childhood passions and demonstrates how he nurtured them to build an enviable business empire. His inherent drive is born from a fear of his own insignificance relative to that of the universe. However, this is just one dimension of a multifaceted story. His winning approach to entrepreneurship and business is supported by science and a proven structure that encourages action at each of the 5 stages of success: Clarity, Desire, Belief, Knowledge, Action.

The narrative is beautifully written, and I identify with Matt’s childhood ambitions, his unashamed idolisation of Arnold Schwarzenegger (me too!), his business methodologies, and motivation to help others.

Planet earth is 4.5bn years old, and humans evolved 200k years ago. If you calibrate this timeframe to 1 year, humans have existed for 0.44% of this time, and in the grand scheme of things, our 80-year lifespan becomes merely half a second. Matt Michalewicz begins by explaining that’s all you have. What follows is a journey of life and how to make the most of it by achieving your goals. Life in Half a Second is fact-based, fluff-free, and one of my favourite books. Bryan Berkly (13,870 days to live).