Research Paper 2017: The Impact of Social Selling on the B2B Landscape in the U.K. Vs. U.S.A

How are UK vs. US-based B2B buyers responding differently to information overload, a proliferation of suppliers and legacy pricing models?

Why are multinational sales leaders adopting different sales strategies, hiring policies and sales training in the UK vs. the US?

Why is speed to market so crucial for international companies looking to expand into Europe?

These are crucial questions for C-Suite executives in 2017...

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What is Out-tasking and Why Should B2B Sales Leaders Care?

Customer buying habits have advanced from procuring sophisticated data systems, being charged an annual subscription, and allocating scarce resources to train their teams to run reports. They want suppliers to solve their data procurement problems, such as helping them maintain their output when faced with information overload, budgetary cuts and a lack of resources.

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How Salespeople Can Adapt to the Digitally-Driven Marginalisation of their Jobs

The sales landscape is rapidly changing. The tech savvy, socially empowered buyers control the sales process. We are told to hustle, care, add value and a string of other buzz words that dominate the social airwaves. "Vendor confusion" and "lack of available resources" are driving the consolidation of vendors in the B2B landscape. Fundamentals such as the "relationship" sale, the "hunter" salesperson, "cold-calling" customers and "closing" deals are supposedly obsolete.

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Common Pitfalls when Negotiating a Sales-Based Employment Contract

When a great job opportunity presents itself, it is easy to let emotions cloud your better judgement and gloss over the terms of your future employment. The primary focus is on joining the business and, as salespeople are driven by compensation, there is a common assumption that, as long as the numbers stack up, then the rest will be fine. In many cases this doesn’t result in a negative consequence, but sometimes an innocent oversight can have grave consequences both during employment and post termination.

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The Fastest Way to F-Up a Warm Sales Call

Generally, "cold callers" have 10 seconds of my time to make their case. For "warm" calls, with some form of connection, this stretches it to 20 seconds. There are four reasons I always grant this opportunity:

• It takes balls to call someone and try to sell them something.

• I am interested in how much effort they have put into their pitch.

• Sales is about talking to people, not email blasting them.

• They might have something to offer that could genuinely help me.

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