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Selling to the C-Suite

This book was recommended by a friend as a comprehensive sales approach to accessing the C-Suite. Hundreds of c-suite executives were interviewed over a 10-year period to understand their involvement in the buying process. These questions were asked: Is it ever too early or too late to approach them? What do they look for in a salesperson? How do you get return access, rather than being a one hit wonder? Under what circumstances will an executive overrule a decision-maker's preference to buy from your competitors?
Selling to the C-Suite offers great lessons to help salespeople be Trusted Advisors and explains the best tactics for:

    •    researching an executive’s hot buttons
    •    identifying the most relevant executives to sell to
    •    knowing the best methods for gaining an audience
    •    developing loyalty to win a new sale and grow an account over time
What gives the book credibility is the feedback from the buyer. It’s what executives say they wish more salespeople did, so both parties can win. There’s no fluff, and this is the most valuable feedback a salesperson can receive.
For example, never book a meeting without research and rehearsal. Build rapport with their trusted lieutenants and ask them to refer you up the line. With referrals giving an 84% success rate compared to 5% for a cold call, its timeless wisdom contains practical how-to guides on every step.

It's the practical application of what you learn in 20 years of selling and a valuable resource for salespeople looking to advance their enterprise-selling careers.