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Whale Hunting with Global Accounts

When selling into big accounts, there are several questions that need answering. How do I research my customer? What depth of research is necessary? How does each member of a large account differ in their needs? How do I equip myself to handle anything? These aren't answered by simply subscribing to the company newsfeed, but require a methodical approach to all aspects of selling. Here are parts of the book I particularly liked:

- It's not enough to understand the buyer team. Success in conducting business with a large account requires aligning your company with the customer journey. The book shows how.

- Beyond alignment of marketing and support teams, a clear sales strategy is required. When seller teams are aligned and a clear strategy in place, the business is well-positioned to identify new opportunities proactively and deepen the relationship. This process becomes clear towards the later chapters.

- Assessing probability of success: It's easy to run around a large account like a headless chicken, being everything to everyone and achieving little. Assessing probability as a team before executing is a fundamental requirement of hunting Whales and is well-documented.

Navigating large accounts is a strategic process that cannot be entertained unless all your assets are aligned. Whale Hunting for Large Accounts gives a good insight into approaching complex organisations and is recommended to anyone stepping into a Global Account role.