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Seven Steps To Success For Sales Managers

I like books with defined steps that assess your current understanding and force self-reflection. Max does a good job of discussing the common obstacles of successful sales leadership and presents his tactics from a long career of managing and consulting for sales teams. I particularly liked the following points:

- The aspects of how to hire sales professionals, i.e., Looking for traits not skills, displacement body language, and red flags. Getting the right candidate is half the battle, and the steps to do so are well-presented.

- Adopting a servant mentality. Managing your ego is a fundamental difference between being a salesperson and sales manager.

- How to build teams with a strong customer focus and give them the freedom to make decisions that drive results. Repeatable sales models are crucial when scaling a team, and the book explains how to empower salespeople to make the right decisions, while maintaining the necessary boundaries.

- Inspiring trust and loyalty without micro-managing. Anyone with a control freak boss understands how counterproductive it can be.

Max Cates backs his sales philosophies with real-life examples in an easily digestible format. It's good reading for those looking to make sense of the different aspects of sales management.