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The Sales Development Playbook

If you are an aspiring SDR, new to the role, or find yourself in a related management position, then The Sales Development Playbook is the most comprehensive book on the subject. It covers every aspect of the role from hiring and coaching to daily execution. I particularly enjoyed the following five areas:

Aligning sales with the customer journey: Anyone who follows my content will hear me endlessly advocate this approach. It’s refreshing to read about others who apply this fundamental principle to the sales process.

The identification of key KPI’s: Trish explains when and why to use relevant performance metrics to monitor team activity and appropriately compensate contributions.

Collaborative learning: The buddy system (having SDR’s shadow AE’s on the first discovery call) is a great way to encourage and deepen their understanding of how to climb the corporate ladder.

The importance of clean data: Process without clean data is the SDR’s curse, and with the increased importance of inbound lead generation, it is important keep the data as clean as possible to filter the most qualified leads up the chain.

Recruitment and Retention Roadmap: Put the wrong person in the wrong role and the cost can be 3x that of getting it right. Trish gives a comprehensive framework for understanding potential recruits and hiring the right person.

It isn’t possible to write a book like this without years of experience managing and coaching people in the role, and it explains how the entire SDR puzzle fits together. There isn't a better book on the subject.