Sales Strategy & Process:

Analysing each element of sales strategy and process to maximise leverage and value.

INDEPENDENT Win/loss reviews:

Counselling customer feedback on sales performance and gaining competitive intelligence.

Diagnosing underperformance:

Working with sales leaders to identify holes in internal processes and skill-sets of underperformers.

content creation & social selling:

Practical techniques for building a personal brand while maintaining sales output.

Interim VP Sales:

Buying companies time to hire the right person and bringing a fresh perspective to build upon.

One-to-one & team workshops:

Bespoke workshops to align the customer journey and emulate the top producers.

Companies leverage my international sales and leadership experience to bring a unique perspective to sales obstacles, and deliver actionable insights into complex and transactional sales methodologies. Many principles I teach are described in my book and blog, both of which discuss the mindset, strategy and processes of top sales producers.

Customers’ buying habits have changed more in the past 2 years than the previous 20 years, and companies are re-engineering their sales processes to match the changing customer journey. I discuss the global impact of this shift in my recent research paper. Sales professionals are keen to embrace these changes and grasp new technologies and social selling techniques to complement their traditional sales skills. I assist in digital transformation, share my methodology to becoming a global sales influencer, and how to leverage social networks on a company-wide, and individual, basis to drive more sales.

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Recruitment Process

1. Strategic Advisory:

Project definition, scope, challenges and timetable. Agree on-boarding requirements, such as skills training and integration.

2. Research:

Benchmark salary and attrition rate. Agree target sectors and off-limits areas. Position profile, compensation and candidate specification.

3. Source:

Initiate search using global candidate network and referral channels. Counsel target interest and invite an application.

4. Candidate Interviews:

Assess skill set, experience and suitability for the role. Maintain an open line of communication between all parties throughout the process.

5. Shortlist Assessment:

Assess suitability with the company and agree shortlist for screening. Reach out for official references and realign to original specification.

6. Selection & Onboarding:

Prepare the new hire for training and cultural integration with their new employer to optimise ramp-up time and ensure retention.

The pillar of a great sales culture is its people. Partnered with a strong network of executive search firms, BB Executive Search is a bespoke, project-based agency specialising in building multinational sales teams. With unrivalled experience of selling at the highest level, a strong global network of talent for referral, and partners in London, New York and Hong Kong, we offer research, headhunting and executive search services including C-Level Executives, as well as all Sales and Marketing functions.

Areas of expertise: SaaS, Financial Technology, Data and Software Solution Vendors/Service providers to Enterprises, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance companies.

Our partner network ensures a deep understanding of global and regional business models, and the ability to work to tight timescales. Combining the executive search with a full suite of services, we can offer training and candidate support as part of the on-boarding process.

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Expansion Process

1. Customer & Market due diligence:

Working with the strategic board to formulate the go-to-market strategy and integration.

2. Logistical support:

Premise search, IT installation and all local logistical operations.

3. Preparing the international sales team:

Training international sales professionals to sell in a new market and culture.

4. Hiring local sales team and leaders:

Conduct the executive search process and bridge the process with interim leadership.

5. Sales execution:

Pre-marketing to the customer, generating outbound sales and establishing local partnership channels.

6. Ongoing support:

As a trusted partner, I support the business to ensure retention and success.

Breaking into new geographical locations is an expensive process. Finding offices, hiring staff, adjusting to new cultures and ongoing support are all challenging. With a career specialised in launching new technology products in the European Market, I am pleased to offer a "bridge-service" to international companies looking to expand. This consultancy service saves valuable time and money, negating my clients’ risk and accelerating sales results.

A typical path to European expansion is to generate an inbound sales pipeline before committing resources. However, this approach lacks the aforementioned expertise to support expansion, and doesn't address the cultural and practical obstacles discussed in this research paper. BB European expansion consultancy provides a comprehensive range of services to support remote efforts and lay the necessary foundation for success.

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